Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Cindy Bullard of Birch Literary

Cindy Bullard is a literary agent with Birch Literary.

Prior to becoming an agent, Cindy had ten years of experience in working with editors, agents, and publishers on the “other side” of the desk as an author. Cindy opened Birch Literary to help other writers on their own path to publication.

Wish List:

In adult fiction, I’m looking for sweet romance (with happy endings), traditional mysteries (standard PI, classic detective or cozy), crime, police procedural, thriller, and suspense. I prefer stories with low levels of sensuality and/or violence. In children’s fiction, I’d like to see middle grade and YA (sweet, quirky, mystery, cozy). I’m not one for heavy or serious topics.

In nonfiction, I love books about nature (kids and adults), memoir, self-help, and personal narrative.

Not Seeking: At this time, please do not send picture books or middle grade/YA that have dark or heavy topics.