Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Shannon Snow of Creative Media Agency

Shannon Snow is a literary agent with Creative Media Agency.

In adult fiction, she seeks:

  • All romance fiction (including paranormal or magical realism) and all its sub-genres
  • Contemporary romance that can be cute, steamy, etc.
  • Historical romance (I have a warm fondness for medieval, and historicals set in ancient times/place such as Rome, Greece, or Egypt
  • Thrillers
  • Psychological
  • Koontz or similar writers
  • Speculative Fiction (especially with a touch, or a lot, of romance)
  • Fantasy (A touch of romance is great!)
  • Soft to Medium Fantasy stories a la David Eddings, or Margaret Weiss/Tracy Hickman
    Mythological stories or retellings
  • Science FictionSpace Operas are a favorite but I love it all
  • Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic (Is the world ending? Let me see!)
  • Horror (think more eerie/creepy rather than monsters, although I’ll consider those sparingly too)

In young adult fiction, she seeks:

  • Contemporaries (Love them all, but have a fondness for bad boy, unpopular person getting the unattainable character, enemies to love interests, and darker stories like One of Us Is Lying. Would love to see a trans character romance set in high school)
  • Science Fiction
  • Space academy or space outing stories in general, but love all types of sci-fi
  • Dystopian (Think Delirium, Divergent, The Atlantis Grail series, Matched, The Culling, etc. Oh, Marie Lu!)
  • Apocalyptic/Post-Apocalyptic, in whatever form
  • Speculative Fiction (paranormal, etc. Think Richelle Mead, Jennifer Estep, Cassandra Clare, etc.)
  • Fantasy (Thinking Sarah J. Maas, Julie Kagawa)
  • Also, mythological retellings (Love Greek gods, Egyptian or Roman gods, etc also.)
  • Psychological
  • Suspense (can be straight thriller or have a touch of the paranormal)
  • Horror (more eerie/creepy type)

I especially love stories with compelling, well-drawn characters that pull me in and are memorable because I have to love the characters to love the book. Send me slow burn romances that keep me pining for the satisfying conclusion (either single-title or series where the romance is stretched across multiple books. Make me earn it!) Send me light-hearted stories that will make me laugh, and darker stories where the characters must overcome. Just make me feel, and if I reach for the tissue box, even better! I would love to see a one person survivalist psychological thriller. I’m also hunting for stories with diverse characters living every day life, and am actively looking for POC and LGBTQ+ authors. I want to see stories that push boundaries and deal with taboo issues.

I’m not looking for memoirs, nonfiction, stories with protagonists younger than 15 or 16, hard-core science fiction, very high fantasy stories, political, drug cartel or mobster thrillers, or historicals set in the 20th century. I’m drawn more to older history.

Some of my favorite non-client authors include: Dean Koontz, Jennifer Estep, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Elle Kennedy, Linda Kage, Beth Revis, David Eddings, Margaret Weiss & Tracey Hickman, Kristen Callihan, Julie Kagawa, Wendy Higgins, Jennifer Echols, Michelle Rowen, Rick Chesler, Eloisa James, Lisa Kleypas, Sherilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Ronald A. Lindsay, Kristin Hannah, and many more.
what kind of writing inspires me?

I love to find projects that are unique. Well-rounded characters I can root for are key to engaging me, as well as a writing style/voice that will captivate me. I need to love your work! Some specifics include:

  • New take on older tropes
  • Well-crafted and sparkling characters that engage me and make me root for them
  • A well-crafted story that keeps me enmeshed from start to finish
  • An engrossing author voice and/or a unique approach to storytelling