Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Sharon Belcastro of The Belcastro Agency

Sharon Belcastro is a literary agent and founder of The Belcastro Agency.

Sharon was born and raised in Northeastern Ohio. It only took her 37 years to get sick of the snow, cracked fingers and chapped lips before she picked up and moved to the much warmer and sunnier Tampa Bay area. Her love of books goes back to early childhood where some of her fondest memories were spent with Gulliver in Lilliput and Ishmael and his voyage on the Pequod. She has had a book in her hand and her nose in a book ever since. Forced to grow up and face the real world, Sharon earned her Engineering degree from Youngstown State University and her master’s in business from Case Western Reserve University. She spent several years in product development, sales and the development and streamlining of key business processes before she returned to her passion for books attended classes in publishing at NYU and applied her experience to the founding of Belcastro Agency.

Sharon is seeking: Nonfiction for adults by writers with a great platform and clear concept. She also represents young adult fiction in the following YA genres: fantasy, science fiction, action, adventure, contemporary, magical realism, mystery, thriller, and horror. In adult fiction, she seeks: horror, thriller/suspense, paranormal and memoir. She is especially looking for immigrant experiences in all markets and genres.

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