Agents and Editors in Attendance


These one-on-one meetings at the 2021 Florida Writing Workshop are an amazing chance to pitch your book face-to-face with an agent, and get personal, individual feedback on your pitch/concept. If the agent likes your pitch, they’ll request to see part/all of your book — sending you straight past the slush pile. It also gives you an intimate chance to meet with an agent and pick their brain with any questions on your mind. More 2021 agents to be announced as they are confirmed. You can sign up for pitches at any time, or switch pitches at any time, so long as the agent in question still has appointments open.


Léonicka Valcius is a literary agent at Transatlantic Literary. “I am eager to work with people of color, including (but not limited to) trans people, disabled people, religious minorities, and queer folks. Adult and Young Adult fiction: “I like books I can read on a beach vacation — fun commercial fiction, romance that ranges from sweet to steamy, otherworldly fantasy, and sweeping historical fiction.” Middle Grade and younger: “I love humour, adventure, and make believe. I also enjoy stories about children navigating their changing relationships with family and friends. I strongly prefer books with at least one human character.” Learn more about Léonicka here.

Jill Marr is an agent at the Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency. Jill is looking for: fiction and non-fiction by BIPOC and Latinx writers, disabled persons, and people identifying as LGBTQ+, among others. She is interested in commercial fiction, with an emphasis on mysteries, thrillers, and horror, book club, and historical fiction. She is also looking for non-fiction by authors with a big, timely, smart message as well as historical projects that look at big picture issues. Jill is looking for non-fiction projects in the areas of current events, science, history, narrative non-fiction, sports, politics, health & nutrition, pop culture, humor, music, and very select memoir. Learn more about Jill here.

Steven Hutson is a literary agent with WordWise Media Services. “What I’m looking for: I’m interested in representing a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books for children and adults. Surprise me. At WordWise Media Services we represent award-winning authors in a wide range of genres for children and adults. We have personal relationships with hundreds of acquisitions editors, and we know exactly what type of material they’re looking for.” Learn more about Steven here.

Kaitlyn Sanchez is a literary agent with Context Literary. “I mainly represent Kidlit authors and author-illustrators. That includes board books, picture books, chapter books, middle-grade novels, and young adult novels. Please do not pitch me adult books at this time. For middle-grade and young adult: “I enjoy character-driven coming of age stories, mysteries, historical fiction, and dramas, especially with great friendships, and of course I always love diversity. I would definitely consider books in verse as well in this category.” Learn more about Kaitlyn here.

Susan Velazquez is a literary agent with Jabberwocky Literary. Susan generally gravitates towards literary fiction but any story that details a complicated family dynamic, illustrates a transformative coming-of-age experience, or features multicultural characters or unique voices has a special place on her bookshelf, regardless of genre. Learn more about Susan and her wish list here.

Screen Shot 2019-11-21 at 2.32.54 PM.pngAlice Speilburg is the founding literary agent of Speilburg Literary Agency. She enjoys nonfiction in the areas of History, Journalism, LGBTQ, Pop Culture, Psychology, Science, Travel, and True Crime. “In nonfiction, I’m looking for cultural narratives, microhistory, nature, and pop science written by journalists and academics.” In fiction, she represents women’s fiction, crime fiction, some fantasy (specifics on her agent page), upmarket genre fiction, historical fiction, mystery, thriller, action/adventure, and horror. Learn more about Alice here.

Caitlin McDonald is a literary agent with Donald Maass Literary Agency. She is seeking all science fiction and fantasy fiction for adult, young, and middle grade, especially secondary world fantasy and alternate history. She loves genre-bending or cross-genre fiction, and stories that examine tropes from a new angle; and also seeks diversity of all kinds, including (but not limited to) race, gender, sexuality, and ability, in both characters and worldbuilding. Learn more about Caitlin here.

Patrick Munnelly is a literary agent with Bond Literary. He is interested primarily in anything LGBTQ+ (nonfiction and fiction, including romance). In genre fiction, he prefers anything horror & fantasy. In nonfiction, he is interested in political science, current affairs, health & wellness, and fitness. He is interested in Graphic Novels, but the works must be completed. Get to know more about Patrick here.

Julie Gwinn is a literary agent and vice president of The Seymour Agency. Julie is actively looking for diverse voices in both fiction and nonfiction and is currently looking for romance, mystery/true crime, historical and speculative/fantasy novels. In nonfiction she is looking for self-help, lifestyle, motivational and sports related books. Learn more about Julie and the books she seeks here.

Emily Williamson is a literary agent and the founder of Williamson Literary. In adult fiction she is looking for lyrical prose, stories with unique settings, adventure, international, fantasy/sci-fi or science inspired, magical realism. For children’s, she seeks stories that talk up to kids, that inspire and build confidence with cleverness and humor. Prefers middle grade over YA; no picture books. Nonfiction interests: history, sports, science, environmental, narrative, and a solid author platform. Currently looking for science or adventure/travel narratives in the vein of books such as Shadow of the Silk Road or The Sports Gene. Learn more about Emily here.

Sandy Lu is a literary agent with Book Wyrm Literary Agency. In fiction, Sandy seeks literary and commercial fiction, mystery, thriller, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, horror, historical fiction, and YA. In nonfiction: narrative nonfiction, history, biography, science, business, psychology, pop culture, and food writing. Learn more about Sandy here as well as what she is seeking.

Jackie Williams is a literary agent at The Knight Agency. “I love a broad range of commercial and genre fiction, especially stories with psychological suspense, gritty voices, speculative elements, multi-generational plots, and intricate world-building; even better if the stories are set in space. And I’m interested in collaborating closely with writers throughout all stages of their careers and bringing more multicultural representation to the publishing landscape. I’m interested in all types of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror in middle grade, YA, and Adult.” She also likes fiction with a unique take on sports, dance, and hip-hop; mysteries, thrillers, and suspense with smart female protagonists and/or unreliable narrators, and literary fiction with a commercial appeal. For nonfiction, she seeks food, lifestyle, wellness, and memoirs that are culture-related stories expanding readers’ empathy and self-awareness. Learn more about Jackie here.

Maura Kye-Casella is a literary agent with Don Congdon Associates. Maura represents writers of narrative nonfiction, women’s fiction, thrillers, young adult, middle grade and cookbooks. She is seeking literary works, women’s fiction, thrillers/suspense and she is especially interested in works for both the young adult and middle grade markets. Maura is looking for diverse voices across the various genres she represents. As to nonfiction, Maura is seeking books on popular science (especially space), cookbooks, lifestyle, and fun/interesting works that fall into the humor category.Learn more about Maura here.

Charlotte Wenger is a literary agent in the Boston area with Prospect Agency. Prior to joining Prospect, she was an associate editor at Page Street Kids, where she acquired and edited fiction and nonfiction picture books. Charlotte is drawn to children’s literature and art for all ages—board books through young adult, but especially picture books—as well as select adult nonfiction biographies and memoirs. Learn more about Charlotte here.

Gordon Warnock is a literary agent founding partner at Fuse Literary. In nonfiction, he seeks platform-heavy authors in the categories of memoir (Adult, NA, YA, Graphic), cookbooks/Food Narrative/Food Studies,  Illustrated/Art/Photography (especially graphic nonfiction), Political and Current Events, Pop-Science, Pop-Culture (especially punk culture and geek culture), Self-Help, How-To, Humor, Pets, Business and Career. In fiction, he seeks High-Concept Suspense, Book Club Women’s Fiction,  Literary Fiction for Adults through YA, and Graphic Novels for Adults through MG. Learn more about Gordon here.

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 1.37.27 PMPaul S. Levine is a literary agent and the founder of Paul S. Levine Literary. He is also an attorney. His fiction interests include adventure novels, mainstream fiction, mysteries, romance, thrillers, and women’s fiction. His nonfiction interests include business/commerce, pop culture, how-to, self-help, politics/law, relationships, and sports. Learn more about Paul here.

Jennifer Herrington is a literary agent with Harvey Klinger Literary Agency. “I am currently building a diverse list of authors and illustrators. I represent picture books, chapter books, middle grade, young adult, and adult genre fiction. (In adult fiction, she seeks romance, funny rom-coms, women’s fiction, fresh cozy mystery, and graphic novels.) No matter the genre or age group, I am looking for books that make feel (whether it’s laugh or cry or both!), distinctive voices, and character-driven stories that revolve around tough issues.” Learn more about Jennifer here.

Amaryah Orenstein is a literary agent with Go Literary. Amaryah has always loved to read and provide (oftentimes unsolicited) editorial advice and, as a literary agent, she is thrilled to help writers bring their ideas to life. She is particularly drawn to narrative nonfiction and memoir but enjoys any book that connects the reader to its characters and evokes thought and feeling. Learn more about Amaryah here.

Jess Dallow is a literary agent with Brower Literary. She is seeking: contemporary thrillers and mysteries in YA. In Adult, she is looking for small town romance, rom-coms, domestic suspense, and book club fiction. She would love to see diverse characters and #ownvoices within these genres. Jess has always had a love for books, especially those that feature child psychopaths, platonic friendships between men and women, a romance that makes her heart beat faster, and serial killers. Learn more about Jess here.

Aimee Ashcraft and Kimberly Brower are literary agents of Brower Literary. (Kimberly had to cancel on the June 12 event and Aimee is attending in Kimberly’s place. That means if you have already signed up to pitch Kimberly, Aimee will take your pitch on behalf of Kimberly, and all is well. But from now on [May 16], please only sign up for Aimee.) Aimee Ashcraft is looking for upmarket and literary fiction, specifically historical fiction, women’s fiction, and YA (all genres). She loves books that pull her in, immersing her in a world she can’t escape until the final sentence. She is looking for original voices and compelling, complex female characters. Learn more about Kimberly and Aimee here.

Beth Marshea is a literary agent at Ladderbird Literary Agency. In all areas Beth would like to see more works from disabled writers, from LGBTQIA+ writers, from Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, Middle Eastern, and all other groups who do not regularly get to see their stories in print. She would love to see more non-binary representation across categories as well. She seeks narrative nonfiction, literary fiction, mainstream fiction, mystery, thriller, fantasy, and science fiction. She also selectively represents young adult, middle grade, and picture books. Learn more about Beth here.

Analieze Cervantes is a literary agent with Harvey Klinger Literary Agency. Analieze is currently building her own list and is looking for stories in YA and Adult Fiction. She specializes in Sci-Fi, Romance, Thriller, Suspense, and Mystery. Analieze is especially open to BIPOC and LGBTQ voices in the mentioned categories. “I am looking for character-driven books that grip me from the first page until the very end. I want fantastic world-building, a clear plot, and want to know your main character’s desire by the time I get to page ten.” Learn more about Analieze here.

Latoya C. Smith [NO LONGER ATTENDING — NOW ATTENDING OUR COLORADO ONLINE EVENT IN JULY] is a literary agent with LCS Literary. In fiction, she seeks high-concept women’s fiction; high-concept mystery, thriller and horror, romance (contemporary, romantic suspense, cowboys, historical, LGBTQ, paranormal, sweet), comedy / romantic comedy, and young adult (no SF/F). In nonfiction, she is strictly seeking platform and market-based books in the areas of memoir, how to, advice, relationships, health, wellness, politics, current events, history, sports, pop culture, and business. Learn more about Latoya here.

Cassie Mannes Murray is a literary agent with Howland Literary. Cassie is accepting submissions for adult fiction and nonfiction. As far as fiction, she is seeking literary fiction, upmarket commercial fiction, short story collections, and literary-speculative work (not high fantasy or science fiction). For nonfiction, she’s interested in representing memoir, essay collections, as well as narrative nonfiction. Learn more about Cassie here and what she is seeking.


        More 2021 agents to be announced as they are confirmed. You can sign up for pitches at any time, or switch pitches at any time, so long as the agent in question still has appointments open. You can pitch as many agents & editors as like you wish.

These one-on-one meetings are an amazing chance to pitch your book face-to-face with an agent, and get personal, individual feedback on your pitch/concept. If the agent likes your pitch, they’ll request to see part/all of your book — sending you straight past the slush pile. It also gives you an intimate chance to meet with an agent and pick their brain with any questions on your mind.

(Please note that Agent/Editor Pitching is an add-on, separate aspect of the day, for only those who sign up. Spaces are limited for these premium meetings.)